In her early twenties, while working for a big corporation in Switzerland, someone started offering Yoga and that is when Nicole’s Life took a shift towards her new, more real, and true to herself Life Journey. Yoga has ever since been a part of her life but after settling in the Shuswap 2015, Yoga became her anchor. It was a way to connect with like-minded people, to deepen her path of finding her truth and it gave her that something to hold on to while being a mum of two babies no other family here.

All her life, Nicole had been an active competitive athlete. Mainly a Swimmer. Her first Yoga experience was pretty surreal. But she fell in love with it right from that first class. It was as if someone switched off everything around her and gave her some time to flow with what her body needed and her soul searched.

Yoga gives permission to just be in that moment and not to worry about all the hassle and worries around us.

Living in the moment, to stop and be aware of the breath, and to connect to the true inner self remains a continuous practice. A life Journey.
By teaching Yoga, Nicole shares her knowledge and her insights through her own journey with her students and shows that there is a way to do yoga for everyone and that it is a beautiful way we can connect with nature and our universe.

Stand Up Paddling rounds it all up. Stand Up Paddling brings you ever so close to the element of water, but unlike in swimming we are still able to look around and enjoy the view of the mountains and trees. As an ex-swimmer, well, it doesn’t get any better than that. During Paddling Nicole drifts into another world – it’s Meditation!

Through her classes on the Water, she shares this beauty of finding the connection to nature, gliding across the water in balance and strength and then ending in a peaceful session of yoga and floating RELAXATION.

♥ 200hr RYT Yoga Teacher

♥ 50Hr Yin and Chakra Teacher Training

♥ Wellness Coach (certified in Switzerland)

♥ Children’s Yoga Teacher

♥ Paddle Canada Certified SUP Instructor

♥ SUP Yoga Instructor

My Values

Be True Be YOU



Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself

“Bhagavad Gita”


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