Intention Candle Ritual

January 7, 2019

20:00 - 21:00

1142 Larch Ave Sicamous

$ 35.-

What are your deepest desires? These desires can act as a roadmap, guiding us to craft a life with purpose and meaning

Sometimes with the new Year starting comes a lot of pressure to change. A lot of Marketing out there pushes us to start new things and it makes us feel like we are worth nothing and we have done everything wrong and now is the time to change everything.

But first. You are a perfect human being experiencing a life on this planet in a human body.

And second. This time of the year in the northern Hemisphere is a time where we need to slow down and check in. Find clarity and connect with those core desires. Not push ourselves through and force us to do something that our society thinks is right.

Take a breath. Stop. Check In. Listen. Breathe.

This New Moon is happening together with a partial Solar eclipse it is (according to Astrologers) an ideal time to get very clear and nurture your dream very realistically.

So come and join me during this evening to meditate and journey so you find your clarity and intention which we will be crafting onto our natural Beeswax Candle which is included in the workshop.

Space is limited. Reserve your Spot.


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