Moon Howling Fire Ceremony

January 20, 2019

16:00 - 18:00

Old Town Bay

By Donation

Every Full Moon the Shuswap Sisterhood Gathers under the power of the Full Moon. We dance, we release, we share, shed and let go of any blockages.

The Wolves don’t actually sing to the moon but rather to their friends and as January is the beginning of their breeding season this is when they howl the most and that is why this Full Moon is also named the Wolf Moon. A perfect time to reconnect with friends. Reach out to loved ones and reaffirm your connections, in preparation for deepening your bonds and taking on new challenges together over the upcoming year.
Lets join in a ceremony outdoors by a fire with drums and chanting to release and reconnect for the beginning of a new year.

This Event is by Donation. All Money goes toward our Sisterhood

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