Say YES to choosing YOU

Here’s to a Thanksgiving where you start by thanking yourself. Choose YOU. Listen to your body. What is it in need of? Thank your functioning body and all its ups and downs for where you are at. Can you truly and honestly choose to be thankful for your body?

Its a practice. Start today. Start this time of year where we are asked to slow down. Nature is asking us to slowly allow ourselves more time in the dark. As much as we urge the sunshine, the long light days, exactly as much we also need the darker days, the cooler days. Time to reflect upon You and your choices.

If you are interested in my experience I will now tell you how I am learning. I don’t have this figured out. By far no. But I have become aware of it. I have become aware that for a long time I did not choose me. I did not listen to my body screaming.

How are you? Oh its been so busy..

Don’t we all hear/say that so often. Is busy a good thing? Is busy a negative thing? It can be different for all of us, right? Being busy might feel exciting, thriving, powerful but it may also feel tiring, exhausting, frustrating.

But we all want to be busy because thats the thing to be nowadays. Am I enough if I am not busy?

This question has been pondering for the last few days.
My lower back has been screaming at me for the last two months and yet I just kept going. Not just at a doable pace. No, by adding unnecessary tasks, by telling myself its only “good” when its ALL done.

But enough was enough. I couldn’t do it no more. My energy was depleted, my mood was explosive and I started to get everything confused. I was tired in all aspects.

So I started to do what I teach. No isn’t that strange? Richard Bach said: You teach best what you most need to learn….

And I am still doing it. To stay in my own practice, meditating, yoga poses and especially savasana, is my biggest challenge and at the same time my biggest gain. I am starting to feel better. Once again I am reconnecting with all those benefits of the slower pace.

Finding the balance between Sthira (strong, steady, and stable) and Sukha (comfortable, happy, and relaxed).
Therefore coming back to our theme and giving myself Thanks and Gratitude and Appreciation for showing up fully. For noticing. For shifting and again and again practicing.

Make it a self care night once a week! Choose what makes you happy or makes you feel good and maybe join this Wednesday night class to commit to 8 weeks of self care.

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