The idea of creating a Sisterhood has been a vision for a long time. Now its time to let it happen. A couple of times in my life I have moved around in this world, which forced me 1) to start over with everything and make huge adjustments and 2) to find new friends, to get out of the comfort zone of the ones I was used to and find myself a new tribe again. This was not easy and sometimes l felt alone. Once I started my own business the same kind of pattern appeared and it has become very clear that there are so many women out there in the Shuswap creating their vision and building a business but sometimes feeling very alone.

With technology now, things can sometimes feel a little surreal – and by getting together in Real we can create some power in us women, we can support each other and we will rise together. If you have a passion for yoga, wellness, natural medicine, spiritual healing, or you have a gift you feel you want to share with others in a safe and supporting circle, this is for you.

The Gatherings happen every Full Moon and a detailed invite will go out every month. If you wish to join the Sister Tribe please subscribe below so you stay informed.

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